Peppermint (Mentha x piperta)

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Peppermint is an herbaceous rhizomatous perennial plant growing to 12–35 in tall. The flowers are purple in color, leaves and stems are usually slightly hairy.
Aroma is sharp, stimulating, fresh, minty smell. Steam distilled.

Peppermint has a long tradition of medicinal uses, Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, astringent, carminative (I love peppermint for all it does to help digestive disorders), digestive stimulant, expectorant, insect repellent (wonderful also to keep out all those bugs that want to come inside in the fall),
Peppermint awakens and uplifts the spirits, helps clear the cob webs out of your brain so one could start thinking clearly and getting the creative juices going. Ideal for sinus congestion, headaches and migraines.

Non-toxic. May cause skin irritation use low dilution 1%. Avoid use in children under 5yrs. of age.