AromatheraChi was created from a lifetime devotion to the immense power of botanicals.

What does AromatheraChi mean?


Aroma is not only about scent, or fragrance. At AromatheraChi, we strongly believe that through the power of essential oils, one can actually improve their life and well-being.

Thera (py)

The literal act of harvesting botanicals while being in nature, distilling the essence of the harvest, and then crafting these into functional works of art is at the core of what we call therapy. Working with essential oils is not only therapeutic in and of itself; there is a deeper side to Thera (py) when creating these magnificent gifts from this beautiful and wondrous earth. At AromatheraChi, we show you how through a variety of DIY classes.


  • Prana (vital life force)
  • Mind (Shen)
  • Bodily Soul (P’o)

Come explore and cultivate the Chi within you.

A word from the Proprietor & Chief Formulator of AromatheraChi, Andrea:

"AromatheraChi was created from a lifetime devotion to the immense power of botanicals. These interests led me to pursue a degree in Ornamental Horticulture, Aromatherapy and begin exploring natural applications like Herbalism, Distilling (essential oils and Hydrosols), then even furthering my studies to include a degree in Feng Shui for the soul. All of these techniques are being brought to you here at AromatheraChi.

Please know that we are caregivers; we Empower you to create a stronger You through our fun-filled, intimate DIY classes. They provide a deeper meaning to an individual’s life through the power of Aroma, Thera(py) and Chi." ~ Andrea Giordano

Please feel free to browse our products. If you have questions, please contact us directly at andrea@aromatherachi.com.

We are pleased to serve you.