Aromatherapy / Feng Shui Consultation 30min. with Product

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Reap the benefits and healing qualities of essential oils combined with my knowledge of Feng Shui to

  •  achieve and maintain balance in your everyday life, by reducing the physical and emotional impacts of stress.
  •  Support meditation and spiritual quest
  •  Mental clarity and invigoration
  •  Address physical conditions such as respiratory, muscular, and skin issues or just   Pamper oneself.  

Change your life for the better and create positive Chi energy in your space with my clear, practical and fun approach to Feng Shui and the beautiful aromas of essential oils!

 A 30 minute in-studio, Skype or Phone Consultation Includes:

  •  An assessment of your current health concerns, emotional tendencies and energetic system. (Client will fill out a health assessment questionnaire which will give me insight on your wants for our meeting) 
  • Using my knowledge of Feng Shui, I look into your year using your birthdate to determine what you can do to improve ares or simply enhance your coming year.
  • Clear written instructions on how to use the oils, Inhalers, synergies or topical blends and where to apply them. Products are typically developed after the         in-person consultation.
Your finished products will be mailed to you (the client) for $7.95 to cover postage. 

     ** Please Note: These products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease. Rather we seek to find harmony, synchronize and rebalance your body’s natural ability to correct itself, when provided with the opportunities and encouragement to do so. For serious medical concerns and diagnoses please see your health care professional or physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.