How to Line Any Mold

How to Line Any Mold 

If you’re thinking about getting into cold process soap then you’re probably going to need to learn how to line a soap mold. Fear not.

This is the technique I always use when lining molds. When you get the basics down, you’ll be able to line any sized mold. This technique is fast and easy. With this technique we’ll be cutting out one big piece of freezer paper that covers the bottom of the mold and the long sides. Then we’ll cut two smaller pieces that will just cover the ends. This technique works on any mold.

ONE: First we’re going to cut out the big piece of freezer paper that will cover the bottom of the mold.  Cut a piece of that will be wide enough and long enough to cover the bottom of the molds and fold over the sides. Place the freezer paper on top of the mold and use your finger to make a crease on both sides of the paper.

TWO: Then carefully cut on the creased lines (that you created above).

THREE: Place the paper inside the mold to make sure that it fits. Trim the edges if you need to make any adjustments.  Set aside for now.

FOUR: Repeat the same method in step one for the two end pieces. Make a crease with your finger along the sides that you can cut on.

FIVE: Cut along the creased lines again and cut the freezer paper in half.


SIX: Form the end pieces on each side and tape down the edge. Then finally put the long piece of paper back in to cover the bottom and sides and tape to adhere the paper to the mold.

Now go forth, line your molds and make beautiful cold process soap!

Courtesy of Soap Queen by Bramble Berry