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Tis the Season, For Tired Feet

As the holiday season comes upon us, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything. We are on our feet from early morning till late night. Those Dogs are tired!!
I’m on my feet all day long and there is nothing I appreciate more than to come home and give them a Relaxing, Detoxing, Aromatic Foot soak.
Ok I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t have time for that”, my question back to you is, “You eat when you come home”…right… or do you sit down and watch TV? Then you have 5 minuets to do a foot soak.
That’s all it takes, but you will find it feels SO wonderful you will probably soak longer.

What you will need:

A basin, (I use a plastic dish basin purchased from the dollar store). While at the dollar store pick yourself up two bags of marbles…Will explain in a few minutes.

½ C Baking Soda
½ C Epson Salt
1 T. Organic Coconut oil
1 drop each of the following Essential Oils.
Tea Tree – Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Anti-infectious, Anti-inflammatory
Peppermint – Energizing, cooling, Analgesic, Antispasmodic
Eucalyptus Globulus – Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial
May Chang – Uplifting, Refreshing, Reduces fatigue, calming
OR you can simply use Lavender E.O. for relaxing and is a great antifungal to.



Fill basin half ways with warm water. Blend all ingredients together stir well.
NOW for my favorite part…Drop the marbles into the bottom of the basin, insert your feet and roll your feet and toes over the marbles.
Let the marbles hit every reflexology point on those tired feet.


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