Testimonial: The Miracle of Comfrey by Mary Crinnin

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Testimonial: The Miracle of Comfrey by Mary Crinnin

I have been a busy Shiatsu practitioner in Albany NY since 1997. In 26 years I've never had an issue till this past January when a painful growth developed on the palm of my left hand.

Shiatsu involves a lot of compressions and for a while, I compensated till the pain got worse. I finally saw a hand surgeon who was sure it was a bulging vein needing surgery and he sent me for a specialized ultrasound. The Ultrasound Dr thought it might be a cyst but still needed surgery to remove it. The surgery was scheduled for mid-March.

I was bummed because I knew I’d be out of work at my practice for a few weeks and limited in what I could demonstrate with my students at the local Massage School where I was teaching a 90 hr. Shiatsu course for up-and-coming LMTs.

Enter Joey Giordano. I was complaining and apologizing to my students about my ensuing limitations when Joey took me aside and said his mom was into herbs (I think he jokingly said she was a witch!) and he’d speak to her. The next day he brought me a jar of dry powdered comfrey root w instructions. Add a little hot water, make a paste, and put it on the growth. I was willing to try anything that would keep me from being out of work for weeks. The paste was sticky like bubblegum and not messy at all. I immediately started seeing results! I would leave the paste on for 45 minutes or so and after seven days the growth was completely gone!! Gone! No pain, no bump. It just disappeared and eight months later it is still gone!

I am so grateful to Joey and his Mom Andrea for showing me the miracle of Comfrey and God's pharmacy all around us in nature! So many of my friends and clients who saw the growth were stunned by the healing!

I’ve wakened to the power of plants to heal us, as have my clients. We all want to learn more. A field trip to visit “A Wonderful Herbal witch!!!” and her Beautiful Medicinal Gardens, located in the mountains of West Fulton, Schoharie County, NY

You can contact her at andrea@AromatheraChi.com and check out her website www.AromatheraChi.com 

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