Getting Ready For Spring Planning Your Garden

Getting Ready For Spring

Planning Your Garden


In the middle of winter when spring is nearing I always get, what I call the “Gardner’s Itch”
            It seems every extra moment I have is spent visualizing how and what I will be planting and if any new beds will be set-up for experimenting with this year.
                  This year I have taken on a REALY large project. I will be starting a brand new garden. How Exciting for me. I have planned many gardens but this one is going to be very special.
            This Garden I will call my retirement garden. In a year and a half I will be giving up my day job and taking the knowledge I have accumulated over the years and putting it to work for me. I’m not really retiring but doing what my heart and soul wants to do.
            This garden already has 6 fruit trees I planted about three years ago, 2-Honey crisp apple trees, 1- sour cherry tree, 2- Plum, and 1- Pear. Good variety.
The garden are will be planted this year, which I’m doing 2 raised beds because the soil is full of slate and hard packed clay. It would just be easier and I would make my own soil compound.
You may think I’m going to be planting vegetables but no I’m going to be planting what I could distill. Yes distill, making beautiful Aromatic waters called Hydrosols and if I’m lucky to get some wonderful essential oils also.
            This list will include a whole bed of different types of Blueberries – “why blueberries,”
FACTS: they are full of Vit. C & K, which is important for strengthening the immune system. Research shows blueberries can reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Blueberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants and contain the health-promoting phytochemical, anthocyanin. In the winter an elixir can be made, for what ails you, sore throat, couch. The best part is that they can be dried and stored for use in the future.
            Sweetgrass: I have a special bond with sweetgrass it just makes my soul dance.
Facts: (USDA NRCS) Hierochloe odorata or Anthoxanthum nitens
Cultural: The cultural uses of sweetgrass include ceremonial incense, perfume, hair wash, bedding, basketry, dermatological aid, cold remedy, cough medicine, eyewash, febrifuge, respiratory aid, analgesic, insecticide, veterinary aid, decoration and adornment. *Native Indian people called this plant the “grass that never dies”. This was because the plant retains its spirit and fragrance even when it is cut.

The list goes on, Calendula, Arnica and comfrey (a healing must for every bodies herbal infusions), plantain, catnip, and cornflower, Lavender, Peppermint and not to mention what’s in the forest, Conifers, Pines and the resins that bleed from them.
A distiller’s paradise, I will also be planting vegetables, but this garden will be for teaching purposes.  

All of these wonderful aromas I use in my soaps, you can purchase Gardner’s soap here at AromatheraChi. 

I will be starting distilling classes this Fall 2017 so keep checking for updates at AromatheraChi.

 I have always wanted to do this and now the time has arrived. So my friends I leave you with this: "Follow the true desires of your heart and all else will follow"


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  • Theresa Chaque

    Your garden sounds wonderful. I wish the best for you in pursing what you love!

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