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AromatheraChi was created from a lifetime interest in plants combined with a devotion to natural and organic products. These interests led AromatheraChi owner, Andrea Giordano, to pursue a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and begin exploring natural applications for health and beauty. Ten years ago, she began making and selling all-natural soaps. It is important to her to make sure that she always delivers the highest quality products.

While there is much to love about the essential oils themselves, the true passion and focus of AromatheraChi is the science behind the oils. Scientific studies have shown that different scents have positive impacts on well being.

Having identified the best product to use, the next challenge was making it affordable to import these high quality oils. Using her business experience and contacts, Andrea began building relationships with distillers. She soon learned about the benefits of a
Pre-Buy and established her own premium buying accounts with preferred distillers.

This ability to source high-quality essential oils is critical to practicing Aroma Therapists. To capitalize on the buying power offered through the Pre-Buy, Andrea opened the ordering process to other Aroma Therapy practitioners and to the general public.

Her belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to receive treatment or simply indulge using the finest essential oils available.

Aromatherachi's Pre-Buy system
The team at AromatheraChi is proud to be able to offer this opportunity for greater health and wellness.
 Our exclusive essential oils are offered only through a Pre-Buy system.  Simply stated, we offer a few essential oils at a time based on what our distiller is extracting.  Individual orders are accepted for up to a two - three week period, and then an aggregate order is submitted to the distiller who ships the product once the extraction process is complete.  The complete lifecycle of your essential oil order is typically 4 -6 weeks

This may seem long but, that is a very short while to wait for oils that you will otherwise never be able to obtain.  You cannot find these GCMS essential oil extracts in retails stores.  Your local market may offer some acceptable products; however, if you want to experience a freshly distilled, full potency, high quality oil, only our Pre-Buy make this possible.  Imagine being able to use the most exquisite and rare imported essential oils at prices you can afford!

Participating in a pre-buy allows you to order a higher-end product at lower price.  Individual orders are safe and confidential, and they are blindly aggregated to a bulk order that allows you to obtain imported oils at a price that is within reach. 

Our exquisite essential oils are not sitting in a warehouse; they are shipped specifically according to your order.  Our oils are perfect for practitioners and individual users who rely on the oils for stress relief and other therapeutic treatments.  All AromatheraChi oils are (GC/MS) Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry tested to ensure they meet stringent quality standards.  

Please feel free to browse our products. If you have questions, please contact us directly at

We are pleased to serve you.